Personal Safety & Self-Defense For Children

Workshop Training

Revved Up Kids are SMART, STRONG and SAFE! Our training for young children in Kindergarten through fifth grade teaches children in an age appropriate way about unsafe people who may want to hurt or take them, and equips them to defend themselves and tell a trusted adult if they ever meet an unsafe person.

For Ages: 5-11 (K05th grade) | Length of Programs: 45 minutes - 3 hours

Revved Up Kids personal safety and self-defense training for children is designed to teach a frightening subject in an empowering way. We use age appropriate language that helps them understand the seriousness of the subject matter, but leaves participants feeling strong, not scared. It is our firm belief that the easiest target for a predator is a child who doesn't know predators exist, and our training helps parents open this difficult dialogue with their children.

We offer interactive workshop training from 45 minutes to 3 hours in length that includes full-force self-defense tactics practice to engage participants in a kinesthetic learning experience. Our Family Safety Community provides follow ups for parents to foster an ongoing family dialogue about personal safety and predator protection.

Training For Schools

In May 2018, Georgia's version of Erin's Law (SB401) was passed, requiring all public schools to provide sexual abuse prevention training annually to students in K-9th grade. Our evidence-based workshop for children in K-5th grade offers a hands-on learning experience that is tailored to fit within a standard school schedule. Contact us today to discuss training for your child's school.

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