Personal Safety & Self-Defense For Teens

Workshops & Seminars

Revved Up Kids offers training for boys and girls in middle school, and for girls in middle school, high school and college. Workshop and seminar formats are available for small and large groups.

For Ages: Boys 11-14 and Girls 11-22 | Length of Program: 1-3 hours

Revved Up Kids Safety Training for Teens 11 & Older

Teens face dangers from predators in their real and online worlds. Revved Up Kids offers workshop and seminar training formats that help teens understand their risks and equip them to incorporate personal safety into all of their decision making. Workshop formats include full-force self-defense tactics practice, seminar formats include self-defense demonstration.

Teens participating in a Revved Up Kids training seminar or workshop will learn to recognize warning signs and lures that predators use in their real and online worlds, to practice good everyday safety and awareness habits to reduce their risk of being targeted by a predator or violent attacker, and to defend themselves against an attacker.

Revved Up Kids personal safety and self-defense training for teens training includes frank discussion of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. Parents should use caution when enrolling pre-teens in this training. To discuss the training in more detail, please contact us.

Training For Schools

In May 2018, Georgia's version of Erin's Law (SB401) was passed, requiring all public schools to provide sexual abuse prevention training annually to students in K-9th grade. Our evidence-based workshop for children in K-5th grade offers a hands-on learning experience that is tailored to fit within a standard school schedule. Contact us today to discuss training for your child's school.

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