More than 1 in 10 children are victims of sexual abuse before their 18th birthday

90% of the time, 
their abuser is someone they know

More than 50,000 predators 
are active online 24/7



Children Safer from Predators

41,580 smart, strong, safe Revved Up Kids as of July 2022

Revved Up Kids equips children to be safer from sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking, and trains parents and youth-serving organizations to be better protectors. We offer more than 20 training formats, including in-person, virtual and video training.

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Our Programs

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Smart Kids Know

- How to recognize people who are unsafe.
- How to avoid situations that are dangerous.
- How to respond to an unsafe person.
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Strong Kids Know

- How to use their voices and bodies with power.
- How to defend themselves.
- How to escape and tell a trusted adult.
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Revved Up Kids Know

- How to be SMART.
- How to be STRONG.
- How to be SAFE.


Our workshop training for K-5th graders teaches them about sexual abusers ("unsafe people") in an age-appropriate way and equips them to respond appropriately and tell a trusted adult if they ever meet an unsafe person.

Revved Up Kids also offers an interactive virtual training for tweens and young teens who use personal devices (phones, game systems, laptops, tablets).


Revved Up Kids training for teens in middle and high school teaches them to incorporate personal safety into all of their decision making in real life and online, set strong personal boundaries, recognize and respond to a threat or an attack, and disclose abuse to a trusted adult.

Revved Up Kids also offers an interactive virtual training for tweens and young teens who use personal devices (phones, game systems, laptops, tablets).


Revved Up Kids offers two seminars for parents. These seminars open parents' eyes to the places where children encounter predators in their real life and online worlds and provide valuable information and action steps that can help keep children safer.


The single biggest reason youth-serving organizations face lawsuits is sexual abuse. Is your school, faith congregation, sports organization or enrichment program doing enough to ensure the safety of the children in your care? Revved Up Kids offers Darkness to Light Stewards of Children training for staff and volunteers in youth-serving organizations, and we can provide custom child safety programming and resources to shore up your organization's safety policies and protocols.

Virtual and Video Training Programs

Revved Up Kids is now offering several virtual and video programs for children, teens, parents and youth-serving organizations. Additional virtual and video training programs are coming in 2021.

Protect your child today!

Revved Up Kids training is available for private groups (virtually or in person) and for individual participants. Contact us today!

What people are saying....

Revved Up Kids is proud to provide exceptional training programs that are engaging and impactful. We receive reviews on, and we have achieved Top Rated Nonprofit status for the past five years.

Recently my wife and I took our 6 year old son to our first Revved Up Kids safety class. Mr. David was the instructor. This was a fantastic experience packed with much learning, and helpful information we can take home to continue the conversation with our son. I would highly recommend this class and the Revved Up Kids organization to anyone who wants to further their knowledge and awareness of family safety. Gives you good tools to talk to your children about protecting themselves.

A Revved Up Dad

Proud Parent

Revved Up Kids, Inc. is saving children's lives! I have been so privileged to work with this organization and would highly recommend them to others. Revved Up Kids teaches children and teens to recognize and protect themselves from the unsafe people in their lives. They also teach parents about the dangers of predators and about the dangers of the internet and social media. Parents and kids are completely engaged in their presentation and learn so much information about how to stay safe in a very dangerous world.

Heather A.

School Social Worker

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Revved Up Kids is on a mission to keep children safer from sexual abuse and exploitation. Every dollar of support from people like you helps us reach more children with safety training programs that equip them to recognize unsafe people, avoid dangerous situations and respond appropriately to a predator.

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