Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse & Exploitation

More than 1 in 10 children is a victim of sexual abuse. Child sex trafficking is a lucrative crime that generates annual revenues of more than $30 billion for the traffickers. The sale of child pornography has exploded in the past ten years. Revved Up Kids equips children to be safer from sexual predators! 

Our Impact

Revved Up Kids has provided sexual abuse training programs for tens of thousands of children and teens, and thousands of adults. For a snapshot of our organization’s accomplishments, please view our impact reports below.

Our Why

Revved Up Kids was founded with a singular purpose: Protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation. We accomplish this by providing exceptional sexual abuse prevention training programs for children, teens, parents and youth-serving organizations. Visit our Programs Page for more information.

Revved Up Kids believes that all children are precious and should be safe from sexual abuse. We also believe they should be safe from racism, hate and injustice. We stand alongside the black community in their efforts to reform America's justice system to eliminate the racial inequity that has been perpetrated for generations. We believe this reform is the responsibility of all Americans and we look forward to the day when "liberty and justice for all" are our cultural norm.

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Our Founding

Whenever we meet people and tell them about our mission to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation, their first question is typically "how did you get involved with this?" The short answer to that question is a revelation. In spring 2009, God put the framework for Revved Up Kids on Founder Alli Neal's heart. Through His divine presence and guidance, Revved Up Kids was founded in summer 2010, and in 2014 Revved Up Kids became a nonprofit in order to reach more children with our vital training. The story of our founding can be viewed here. Please contact us if your group would be interested in having Alli share her story in person.

Protect Your Child Today!

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Would your child know what to do if approached by a predator? Revved Up Kids offers training for private and public groups. Visit our upcoming events page for details about training.