Training for Staff & Volunteers

Intro to Child Safety

Ask most youth-serving professionals and teachers and they'll tell you that they feel inadequately equipped when it comes to the subject of sexual abuse. Even with strong organizational protections in place, staff and volunteers often feel helpless when they witness signs of an abuser in their midst, or receive a disclosure from a child.

Revved Up Kids offers an overview of the issue of sexual abuse that includes action steps that can be taken by individuals and organizations to create a culture of child protection. Topics addressed in this session include:

  • Assessment of staff knowledge/comfort with the issue
  • Framework for a culture of safety within the organization
  • Understanding the impact of trauma on learning, identifying the signs, creating safe spaces
  • Taking action individually and collectively to protect children (what does it look like to be brave?)

Program Length: 45 minutes + Q&A | Target Audience: Staff and Volunteers of youth-serving organizations and schools

Darkness To Light Stewards of Children

Sexual predators gravitate to youth-serving organizations. Has your organization put the necessary protections in place to prevent the unthinkable? Revved Up Kids offers Darkness to Light Stewards of Children training for organizations who are concerned about ensuring the safety of the children and teens in their care. This training is ideal for all staff and volunteers.

Stewards of Children is a two-hour training session for all adults. Stewards of Children incorporates stories from survivors, testimony from experts, and practical prevention solutions that give all adults the tools and information they need to keep the children in their care safer from predators. Revved Up Kids trainers who are Certified Stewards of Children Facilitators will lead your group through this valuable training session.

Program Length: 2 Hours + Q&A | Target Audience: Staff and Volunteers of youth-serving organizations, parents and concerned adults

Contact us today to discuss Stewards of Children training for your group in-person or virtually.

Organizational Child Safety Assessment

Revved Up Kids welcomes the opportunity to assist your organization in creating or expanding its child safety policies and procedures. We will review any documents, environmental protections, training programs, etc. and provide advice on areas for improvement.

We can assist with any of the following:

Creation, or review and revision of:

  • staff/volunteer screening procedures
  • staff/volunteer onboarding procedures
  • staff/volunteer agreements
  • child safety policy and procedure
  • policy/procedure regarding disclosures or suspicions of abuse

Environmental assessment:

  • review the environment for security risks
  • suggest equipment/furniture/fixtures/procedures to improve child safety

Revved Up Kids is able to produce documents and policy frameworks for your environment, and we will refer your organization to other specialists if needed to ensure that your needs are met.

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