Video Training Programs

Revved Up Kids has developed video-on-demand training for use by parents outside our service area. The following series are available:

  • Safer Teen Girls (personal safety/self-defense for girls in middle and high school)
  • Protected While Connected (online safety training for tweens and young teens)
  • Self-Defense Practice-at-Home (learn and practice simple self-defense tactics with your children and teens at home)

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Safer Teen Girls

2-part Video Series

Teen girls face a higher than average risk of assault by a stranger, and one in six will be raped by an acquaintance before they turn 22. This two-part series addresses these risks and provides action steps that girls can take to be safer, to deter a threat and to defend against an attacker. View a preview here.

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Protected While Connected

3-part Video Series

This three-part series is interactive and provides practical information for tweens and teens (ideal age is 10-14) who are newer users of personal devices. The series includes:
  • Guarding Online Privacy: How is personal information taken/stolen/used by online criminals and marketers and what action steps should be taken to protect yourself?
  • Managing Online Reputation: Why is this important and what deliberate steps can be taken to control how you are perceived based on your online presence?
  • Staying Safe: More than 50,000 sexual predators are active online in the U.S. 24/7; online pornography is prolific and much of it is illegal. Protect yourself from becoming a victim or accidentally breaking the law.

View a preview here


Self-Defense Practice-at-Home for Children

7-part Video Series

This seven-part series includes short (2 minute or less) instructional videos. Each video teaches a different tactic. Self-defense is one tool in your child's safety toolbox. It will not be warranted in all situations, and children need to practice it regularly. This instructional video series helps parents practice simple and effective self-defense tactics at home with their children.

Self-Defense Practice-at-Home for Teens

12-part video series

This twelve-part series includes short (2 minute or less) instructional videos. Each video teaches a different tactic. This video series instructs teens how to assemble equipment and practice simple and effective tactics at home with a partner (preferably a parent or guardian). Revved Up Kids encourages incorporating this series into a larger family conversation about personal safety.

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