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Feedback from Parents

Recently my wife and I took our 6 year old son to our first Revved Up Kids safety class. Mr. David was the instructor. This was a fantastic experience packed with much learning, and helpful information we can take home to continue the conversation with our son. I would highly recommend this class and the Revved Up Kids organization to anyone who wants to further their knowledge and awareness of family safety. Gives you good tools to talk to your children about protecting themselves.

A Revved Up Dad

Father of a 6-year-old

Revved Up Kids, Inc. is saving children's lives! I have been so privileged to work with this organization and would highly recommend them to others. Revved Up Kids teaches children and teens to recognize and protect themselves from the unsafe people in their lives. They also teach parents about the dangers of predators and about the dangers of the internet and social media. Parent and kids are completely engaged in their presentation and learn so much information about how to stay safe in a very dangerous world.

Heather A.

School Social Worker | Cobb County Georgia School System

Revved Up Kids tailored a program for our Teen Girls, ages 12 to 18. It was extremely informative and most helpful for the girls to learn self defense techniques. As a Mother/Daughter organization, the moms knew the class would be beneficial but we were pleasantly surprised by the number of girls who wanted to participate and their positive feedback. We highly recommend Revved Up Kids. Every teenage girl should attend this class!

A Revved Up Mom

Service Club Leader

Fantastic training for my 9 year old daughter and members of my Girl Scout troop. Age-appropriate, awesome instructors, passionate founders. Would highly recommend!

Keri M.

Girl Scout Troop Leader

Feedback from Kids

I liked the hitting, kicking and punching part. I got to use all my strength to get away. It was fun


Age 8

The class was really fun. I think about being safer a lot more now and I also know I could get away from an unsafe person if I had to.


Age 9

  • It's good to know that I don't have to be polite if someone makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • I liked the real life stories and scenarios and the interactive safety exercises.
  • I liked the tactics practice and learning about improvising weapons.

Safer Teen Girls

Participant feedback

I will definitely make changes regarding my personal safety. I hope I never have to use self-defense, but it's great to know that I can protect myself if necessary.


Teen Training Participant


Hear personal stories from victims of sexual abuse. Protect your children today by signing up for Revved Up Kids training.

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