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Revved Up Kids Video Series

Safer Teen Girls

Teen girls experience violent attacks and sexual assaults at the hands of strangers, acquaintances and dating partners. Revved Up Kids Safer Teen Girls Video Series is a two-part training that addresses these dangers and provides girls with concrete action steps to proactively reduce their risk and to respond to an attacker. This series provides self-defense demonstrations and we recommend the Revved Up Kids Self-Defense Practice-at-Home for Teens video series as a companion.

The videos include a candid conversation between a young woman and a teen girl talking about safety strategies, sharing real life scenarios and demonstrating techniques. The first video focuses primarily on attacks by strangers, the second addresses known attackers. Each video can be purchased on demand individually ($10 per video | 1 week rental) or as a series ($15 | 30-day rental). Additional printable and online resources are included with the purchase.

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