He Loves You...He Loves You Not

He Loves You...He Loves You Not

He loves you….

He loves you BECAUSE you're not perfect.
He loves you WHEN you have an opinion.
He loves you EVEN THOUGH you have a life apart from him.
He loves you WITHOUT conditions or expectations.
He loves you IN SPITE OF the fact that you and he are different.
He REALLY loves you.

He loves you not….

He loves you BECAUSE you follow his advice on how to be more perfect.
He loves you WHEN your opinions mirror his.
He loves you EVEN THOUGH he hates your friends.
He loves you WITH conditions and expectations.
He loves you IN SPITE OF the fact that you still need to work on yourself so you'll be more like him.
He REALLY DOESN'T love you.

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and statistics tell us that 1 in 3 high school age girls who are in a dating relationship are experiencing abuse. Teens are routinely subjected to physical, emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of their dating partners, and most are not equipped to cope with it. They suffer in silence, ashamed and embarrassed, feeling like they have nowhere to turn for help. Our daughters (and sons) need to understand the dynamics of dating abuse so they can avoid abusive relationships. They need to understand the early signs of abuse before it turns physical, and parents need to keep the lines of communication open. If you are an adult or teen who is experiencing abuse in your relationship and you are ready to seek help, contact the national domestic violence crisis line at 800.621.4673. If you are a parent interested in starting a conversation with your teen, the following organizations provide excellent resources:

Partnership Against Domestic Violence

Love Is Respect

The One Love Foundation

Are you concerned about your relationship or concerned for the safety of someone close to you? Use the Revved Up Kids Relationship Red Flags and Bill of Rights tools to identify abusive behaviors and tendencies.

Revved Up Kids has trained tens of thousands of children to recognize dangerous people, avoid unsafe situations, and escape attackers. Our training programs are available for boys and girls in K-12th grade, for parents, and for youth serving organizations. Contact us to discuss protecting the children you love from predators and violence, 678.526.3335.

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