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Guest Blogger Julie Zeff Recommends RUK

We were pleased to present a Child Safety Tips seminar to parents at the Intown Jewish Preschool earlier this year. Parents who attended the seminar began asking how they should arm their children with information about predators, and the group decided to host a Revved Up Kids Basic class. Julie Zeff, the coordinator of the class, had this to say when it was over:

"I met Alli when my two daughters were taking a Girl Scouts sponsored self-defense class from Revved Up Kids. I loved what Revved Up Kids was teaching and wanted even more. So, I put together a group of 11 kids and Alli and her husband, David, came in and facilitated their 3-hour Revved Up Kids Basic class for us. Here's are just a few of the things that we are all walking away with from the class…

  1. If my kids are faced with an uncomfortable or inappropriate situation they now know more about how to recognize that it is inappropriate, to trust themselves and to know that they can always come tell their parents or another trusted adult about what they are feeling or experiencing and we will listen!
  2. My kids have a better sense of who a "Bad Grown-Up" is and they have full permission to stay away from them. They don't have to be polite to everyone!
  3. My kids better understand, in an age appropriate way, some of the risks that are out there as they are becoming older and are craving more independence. This class is helping our family to make up some clear rules that we have not been able to articulate in the past.
  4. My kids now know and have permission to use some very accessible self-defense skills should they ever encounter a "Bad Grown-Up".
  5. Everyone who participated in this class together now has a community of other parents to talk with should any questions or sticky situations arise. We can all support each other with common language and knowledge as we navigate the sometime rocky territory of creating supportive environments in our homes and in the community/activities where our kids can flourish.

Thanks so much, Alli, David and Revved Up Kids!"

Julie Zeff, MSW, CPCC
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