AJC Doing Good Spotlights Revved Up Kids

AJC Doing Good Spotlights Revved Up Kids

Revved Up Kids enlists parents to fight sexual abuse.

By Kathryn Kickliter For the AJC

Everyone dreams. Not all dreams are remembered, but then stay-at-home mome, Alli Neal recalls her 2009 dream clear as day.

The unemployment recession had hit the Neal family, and while she turned to prayer for guidance, her prayers were met with silence, she said.

For nearly five months, Neal said "'God, you know I am not a patient person, and I've been really patient. I need answers and I need them now' That's when I had this very vivid experience like you read about in the Old Testament, where God is talking to or calling on somebody unworthy to do something that needs to be done.

"I was sitting across the room from this person I knew to be God. God was saying.... read more

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