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Feedback From Parents……

“I signed my kids up for to help them protect themselves. The bonus was that I learned how to better protect them! This is a great class for parents and children! A real eye-opener!”
Lisa C., Elementary School Educator & Mom of 2 Revved Up Kids
“My children’s safety is a top priority and this class really gave me confidence. My kids not only enjoyed the class, they also learned a lot about protecting themselves. This was a great way for all of us to start developing better safety habits.”
Nancy C., PTA President & Mother of 2 Revved Up Kids
“Revved Up Kids offers a program that’s pertinent, timely and appropriate. Since taking the class, my daughter has been much more aware of her surroundings and is making safer choices. It also stimulated a good safety dialogue in our home, we’re all trying to Be Smart, Be Strong, and Be Safe!”
Victoria M., Mom of 1 Revved Up Kid
“Revved Up Kids was an important way to make my young son aware of, and empowered to handle, potential dangers without frightening him. These are scary topics to address with a 6-year-old, but after the class, he felt strong, not afraid.”
Erin B., Mom of 1 Revved Up Kid
“My daughter really enjoyed this class and she learned a lot about being safer. The instructors were knowledgeable and the material was well taught and age appropriate. Revved Up Kids is a great program.”
Elvyn L., School Psychologist, Mom of 1 Revved Up Kid
“My kids have had some great safety education at school, but participating with them in the Revved Up Kids class really helped because now I know exactly what they learned and how to keep reinforcing it. And the parent resource packet Revved Up Kids provided is amazing. I never knew how much there was to learn!”
Mariela C., PTA President & Mom of 2 Revved Up Kids
“I attended Revved Up Kids with my 6 and 10-year olds. I was worried that three hours of class would be difficult for them, but they loved it. They really enjoyed the video segment that showed them kids in unsafe situations and asked them what they would do in such circumstances. They also loved the Be Strong part where they got to practice self-defense skills on a trainer and a dummy. As a mom, I feel that Revved Up Kids is well planned training and empowers kids to protect themselves.”
Chun F., Mom of 2 Revved Up Kids
“Safety has always been a priority for my family, but the Revved Up Kids class gave my daughter a chance to put concepts into action. The videos were a great teaching tool, and she felt very empowered after practicing her physical self- defense skills.”
Harriet H., Mom of 1 Revved Up Kid
“I attended Revved Up Kids with my two daughters. I was amazed at how strong they were when they were defending themselves against the instructor! I have a lot more confidence now that they would have a good chance to escape an attacker, and I also believe that the awareness skills they learned will help them avoid getting into an unsafe situation in the first place.”
Carlene W., Mom of 2 Revved Up Kids
“Attending the Revved Up Kids class was fun for my two boys. Actually, I learned a lot about fending off an attacker, too. The boys are still talking about the “Chicken Beak” method of poking an attacker’s eyes. Watching them practice that technique was memorable! Thanks, Revved Up Kids! We hope to attend a follow up class and further practice what we learned. ”
Lee S., Mom of 2 Revved Up Kids

Feedback From Children……

“I liked the hitting, kicking and punching part. I got to use all my strength to get away. It was fun”
Gabriel, Age 8
“I feel a lot stronger now and I can say no if a grown up wants me to do something that’s bad.”
David, Age 10
“The song we learned helps me remember where to hit a bad grown up.”
Sydney, Age 9
“The class was really fun. I think about being safer a lot more now and I also know I could get away from a bad grown-up if I had to.”
Emma, Age 9