Elementary School Curriculum from Revved Up Kids

In compliance with Erin's Law, Revved Up Kids has developed a comprehensive curriculum to teach K-5th graders about sexual abuse. Teaching young children to Be Smart, Be Strong and Be Safe is the focus of this unique program.

How it works

Revved Up Kids has created a six-year curriculum format to serve K-5th graders. This curriculum meets the requirements of Erin's Law. Each year, students receive an age appropriate three-lesson series that teaches them how to recognize unsafe people, avoid dangerous situations and escape attackers.

The curriculum is delivered in a blended learning format, combining virtual and in-person training. A single "Be Smart" counseling lesson is delivered virtually by a Revved Up Kids child safety expert using classroom technology (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.). A two-lesson "Be Strong" unit aligns with school physical education standards and is delivered by the PE teacher. This PE unit reinforces the broad concepts taught during the Be Smart lesson (understanding who predators are, setting strong personal boundaries, disclosing to a trusted adult) and teaches the students simple self-defense tactics that can be used to injure and escape an attacker.

Why it's better

Said one school district administrator, "We have selected a strong curriculum on this topic, but it relies on teachers to deliver the training and we question whether it's being delivered consistently, or delivered at all, in some of our schools."

Revved Up Kids believes that teaching children about sexual abuse is a complex and challenging task best left to experts. Delegating to teachers and school staff, who may be uncomfortable with the topic due to religious beliefs, their own history of abuse, or the general nature of the subject, is a disservice to the children. Non-experts can cause more harm than good if they elect to eliminate certain portions of the training, if they make additions to the lesson based upon their own opinions or experience, or if they fail to recognize that the content may cause an emotional response in some children.

The Revved Up Kids curriculum provides consistent delivery from classroom to classroom and school to school. Districts are assured of delivery via post-training reports. School staff are not burdened with planning and preparation. Additionally, PE teachers receive a creative physical education unit that complies with their teaching standards while engaging students in learning basic self-defense.

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