Vacation-Travel Safety

Vacations and holidays are times when opportunist criminals (including predators) take advantage of harried travelers. Being prepared and vigilant will keep you and your children safer. Following some simple travel safety tips can reduce the likelihood that you will be an easy target.

Tips for Traveling Safely

Travel Safety Tip #1 Make sure that two people, either relatives, neighbors or friends, have your travel information, and let them know you will check in when you return. This includes itinerary, travel routes, phone numbers, information about who may be entering your home in your absence, etc. Provide a neighbor with a key to your home in case of emergency.

Travel Safety Tip #2 Keep children close when you're on vacation. Do not allow your children to roam freely through a hotel or resort area. Only use the children's programs or babysitting services if you have thoroughly checked them out with a third-party review service. Don't leave young children alone in your hotel room/vacation condo (many may recall the story of Madeline McCann).

Travel Safety Tip #3 If you are travelling by car at night, do not stop at highway rest areas. Instead, select a 24-hour service station; they tend to be busier and better lit. Do not allow your children to use a public restroom unchaperoned.

Travel Safety Tip #4 In the airport, keep children at your side at all times. Make a plan in case you get separated. Tell your child to stay in place and you will come back. Remind your child not to speak to anyone or go with anyone. If someone approaches your child, your child should simply say "my mommy told me to wait here, she is coming back in a minute." If a security guard approaches your child, your child should tell the guard about the plan, and should NOT go anywhere with him. Give you child permission to kick and scream if anyone is trying to take him/her somewhere else (role playing this in advance is advisable).

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