Teen Party Safety

'Tis the season for gatherings and parties, including teen parties. Girls need to be mindful about some basic truths, and follow some simple safety rules as they head to parties:


1. While the vast majority of males are respectful of sexual boundaries and concerned about the safety of females, the few with bad intentions often use parties and clubs as opportunities to target victims. The prevalence of drugs and alcohol at most of these venues sets the stage for would-be rapists. Girls should always have this on their radar at all parties, clubs, and gatherings where drugs and alcohol are present.

2. It is never the victim's fault when a criminal chooses to commit a crime against them, the victim is never to blame. This truth does not mean that girls shouldn't be proactive about their safety. Sexual predators will gravitate to targets who are drunk, high, or otherwise compromised; they are the easier to take advantage of and manipulate.

3. A boy who is drunk or high will have compromised judgment and may behave differently than when he's sober. This means you should always trust your gut. If you are feeling scared, threatened or unsure based on someone's behavior toward you, exit the situation and go where there are other people.


1. Make sure you are with trusted girlfriends who will watch out for you, unfortunately, even your date can't always be trusted to have your best interest at heart in a party situation. Stay in a group at the party and also when you leave.

2. Guard your drink so that it won't be drugged without your knowledge. Carry and hold it with your hand covering the top. Never drink from a punchbowl; never put your drink down or turn your back on it; never give it to a friend to hold. If you step away or look away from your drink, get a new drink. The opportunist rapist will secretly drug the drink, and then swoop in as the helpful knight in shining armor when you are compromised by the drug, offering you a ride home, or offering to take you to a quiet room away from the party.

3. Never isolate yourself with a boy at a party. Stay with the group and you will be much safer.

For added safety, make sure someone (parent or a trusted friend who is not with you) knows where you are and when you should be expected to return. Posting pics (and a name if you have it) on social media of any boys you meet/hang out with at parties or clubs could also be helpful if anything goes wrong. Bottom line: You are entitled to go out and have fun, but always make safe choices!

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