CSA-The Taboo Subject

We began our dream of Revved Up Kids in spring of 2009. Since then, we've learned more than we ever wanted to know about the dark underworld of child sexual abuse (CSA). The one thing that has continued to astound us over the years is the number of people and organizations who would prefer to pretend it doesn't exist. Time after time, we begin conversations with schools, scout leaders, churches, and others, and we are shut down with something akin to "our families/clients/members/fill-in-the-blank wouldn't want to attend a class about that topic, it's too scary."

Statistically, more than one in ten children will experience CSA before they turn 18. There are MILLIONS of adult survivors of CSA in our country….MILLIONS. I say survivors, but it's a small percentage who actually move beyond their abuse and aren't crippled by dysfunction, substance abuse, depression and other mental illness. CSA is a crime, yet it is a crime that most of the time goes unpunished. It is a crime so heinous that most people don't even want to think about it, much less have a conversation about it.

Here's the thing, the silence is enabling the perpetrators. They are able to operate successfully, to violate millions of innocent children, because we can't bring ourselves to acknowledge the subject. None of us wants to imagine our next door neighbor raping his stepdaughter, or our favorite baseball coach enticing his players to have sex with him, it's horrific, too horrific to bring into the light, and certainly too horrific to address proactively.

So we choose to turn the other way, to pretend like CSA doesn't exist, to keep our children blissfully ignorant. It's easier that way, isn't it? It's definitely easier for the predators. If your child doesn't know that there are people in the world who would want to do those horrible things to her, how do you suppose she will respond if someone ever tries to prey on her? She'll respond the way the predator expects, she'll do what he says because she's been taught to do whatever grown-ups tell her to, and then she'll stay silent about it because he'll make a terrible threat against her or her family and he'll paralyze her with fear. Most children never tell about their abuse because most children don't have any information beyond what their abusers tell them.

There is a video posted on YouTube where I tell a story of two children, one who is in the dark and another who has the information. If you are one of the people who think it's better to protect your children by keeping them in the dark about this subject, imagine the conversation you'll be having if your child is the one in ten. Wouldn't it be a little easier to be proactive? We're here to help, please give us a call and help your child stay safe.

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