Safe holiday shopping

The holiday shopping season officially starts on Black Friday, and while you’re shopping for holiday gifts, criminals will be shopping for victims. Here are some safe shopping tips for you and your family this season: First and foremost, criminals are opportunists looking for the easiest target. By taking some simple steps, you can reduce your likelihood of being targeted, and increase your likelihood of a safe shopping experience: Safe shopping begins with heightened awareness of your surroundings. Pay attention to people and vehicles near you, and pay special attention to anyone who seems to be paying attention to you. Stay off your phone while you’re shopping and while you’re walking through parking lots; if you must have a conversation, sit somewhere with your back against a wall so no one can approach you from behind, and glance around while you’re [...]

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Truth in hindsight for domestic violence victims

The CDC's intimate partner violence survey indicates that more than 1 in 5 women experience severe physical abuse at the hands of an intimate partner in their lifetime. 80% of women and teens who are physically abused by their intimate partner do not leave. Here is the story of one: She was fifteen and in love. He was everything she would want in a boyfriend, handsome, funny, charming, absolutely perfect, and he said he loved her. At first, she thought his jealousy was sweet, and she loved that someone as amazing as he was wanted to keep her all to himself. In hindsight, she saw the truth. At first, she liked that he cared about her appearance, that he told her which outfits looked good on her, and which didn’t. In hindsight, she saw the truth. At first, her friends [...]

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If I had a parenting do-over….

  Ever wish you could have a parenting do-over? We founded Revved Up Kids in 2010, when our children were 14 and 10 years old. Self-educating about the frequency of sexual abuse and exploitation was chilling, and it certainly helped us to be better protectors of our precious babies during middle and high school. The fact is, the median age of a sexual abuse victim is 9, and we were definitely not equipping them properly at that age. If I had a parenting do-over with my children, here is what I would do differently: From the beginning, I would have labeled all body parts with their correct labels. When they were babies learning body parts, we used “va-jay-jay” and “peeper” as our nicknames for private parts; I now know how wrong that was. Children need the real names and they [...]

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Summer Vacation Safety

Summer is in full swing, and travelling with the children is always an adventure. Here are a few things to keep on your radar so that your family summer vacation is a safe one: Don't tell the world you're on a trip! Save your social media posts for when you return. Police are adamant that social media is used widely by thieves who target homes when people are on vacation. Make sure that two people, either relatives, neighbors or friends, have all of your travel information. This includes itinerary, travel routes, phone numbers, information about who may be entering your home in your absence, etc. Two people provides extra layer of protection in case one person drops the ball. Use a “crash and burn” approach to travel. For numerous reasons (injury/illness/accident/crime), there are times when people don't return from vacations [...]

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Top Ten Safety Tips

Revved Up Kids top ten safety tips: June is National Safety Month, and while the primary focus of the National Safety Council is accidental injury and death, we thought it was a good time to share the Revved Up Kids top ten safety tips for kids and teens (and adults!). Use this list to open a dialogue in your family about predators and personal safety. The easiest target for a predator is the child who doesn't know they exist, and open conversations about safety and sexual abuse are the best defense. Help your child be smart, be strong and be safe! Top Ten Safety Tips #1 Distraction creates opportunity – when out, tune in to your surroundings, don’t get distracted by your phone, your friends, your music (wear one earbud). Opportunist criminals look for victims who are distracted. Top Ten [...]

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