He loves you….he loves you not

He loves you…. He loves you BECAUSE you’re not perfect. He loves you WHEN you have an opinion. He loves you EVEN THOUGH you have a life apart from him. He loves you WITHOUT conditions or expectations. He loves you IN SPITE OF the fact that you and he are different. He REALLY loves you. He loves you not…. He loves you BECAUSE you take his advice on how to be more perfect. He loves you WHEN your opinions mirror his. He loves you EVEN THOUGH he hates your friends. He loves you WITH conditions and expectations. He loves you IN SPITE OF the fact that you still need to work on yourself so you’ll be more like him. He REALLY DOESN’T love you. February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and statistics tell us that 1 in 3 high [...]

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He makes $33,000/week….who is he?

He is a trafficker, selling our children for sex in Atlanta, and according to a 2014 article by the Urban Institute, he makes just under $33,000 a week. January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and January 11 is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Now that you’ve learned something new about child sex trafficking, are you brave enough to read this entire article and learn more? Trafficking, especially child sex trafficking is an issue that makes most people’s skin crawl, yet it’s a thriving business around the world, generating tens of billions of dollars annually for the traffickers. This article provides five quick facts and four simple action steps for readers. You don’t have to be rescuing children off the street to be impactful; simple steps by caring adults can cause meaningful change. FACT #1 The issue is referred to by [...]

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Keeping your teen driver safe – Part 2 (Carjacking)

Carjacking, kidnapping, weapons...oh my! Last month, we published advice about keeping your teen driver safe on the road. We covered many of the issues that a teen driver can face and offered suggestions and conversation starters for parents. This installment provides advice about being safer from carjacking and kidnapping, less common occurrences for teens, but important to discuss so your teen is equipped if the situation arises. The most recent data from the Department of Justice indicates that on average, over 35,000 carjackings are committed each year. Young people are more likely to be victims, and in 74% of the cases, a weapon is used to commit the crime. Carjackings can take place anywhere, and they tend to be crimes of opportunity. Criminals seek cars that are left running or left with the keys in them, or cars that are easily [...]

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Keeping your teen driver safe

Are you ready for this?! She is euphoric, you are terrified. It’s the day you knew would come, and now you’re preparing for the white knuckle ride, literally and figuratively, of keeping your teen driver safe. Obviously, driving safety starts with driving safely, and all parents hope and pray that their teen driver will take this responsibility seriously, and will obey laws and make good choices. This article focuses on some of the additional risks to personal safety that should be discussed with your teens before they hit the road alone or with friends. Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe 101 First and foremost, parents should set up a system of consequences and expectations for breaking any family driving rules. These should be spelled out clearly, in writing, and all parties should sign the document. Consequences and expectations are unique to all [...]

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Vacation-Travel Safety

Vacations and holidays are times when opportunist criminals (including predators) take advantage of harried travelers. Being prepared and vigilant will keep you and your children safer. Following some simple travel safety tips can reduce the likelihood that you will be an easy target. Tips for Travelling Safely Travel Safety Tip #1 Make sure that two people, either relatives, neighbors or friends, have your travel information, and let them know you will check in when you return. This includes itinerary, travel routes, phone numbers, information about who may be entering your home in your absence, etc. Provide a neighbor with a key to your home in case of emergency. Travel Safety Tip #2 Keep children close when you’re on vacation. Do not allow your children to roam freely through a hotel or resort area. Only use the children’s programs or babysitting services [...]

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