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Click the tabs below to learn more about Revved Up Kids middle school self-defense classes for teens in Atlanta.

jyf_cover_artJust Yell Fire™ Self-Defense Class for Teen Girls Age 11 and older

The Just Yell Fire™ program (www.justyellfire.org) teaches teen girls and young women how to fight back against predators and sexual assault. This award winning national program was conceived by teenager and safety activist Dallas Jessup. Revved Up Kids is proud to have two certified Just Yell Fire™ trainers on staff. Revved Up Kids teaches Just Yell Fire™ in two formats. A three-hour, intensive small group class for groups of up to 30 girls, or a one-hour seminar for large audiences.

About the Just Yell Fire™ Three-Hour Self-Defense Class for teen girls

This interactive class includes video based scenario training, discussion of the dangers faced by teen girls from strangers, dating partners and acquaintances, and full-force self-defense skills practice.  All participants receive a comprehensive resource packet and a copy of the training video (either hard copy or download link). Girls who participate in this class will learn:

  • Statistically, what is my risk of being attacked?
  • How do I include personal safety in all my decisions?
  • How do stranger attacks differ from attacks by acquaintances and dating partners?
  • How do I recognize early signs of abuse in a relationship?
  • How do I respond to a threat with power, and keep it from escalating into an attack?
  • How do I take control in an attack situation, and escape to safety?

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PARENTS: This class includes frank discussions about drug and alcohol use, rape and violence against women. Some of the information presented is graphic in nature, and parents of pre-teens should consider this before enrolling their daughters in the class. We are happy to discuss your daughter’s personal situation with you. Please call us at 678-526-3335 or contact us via this website.

About the Just Yell Fire™ Seminar

For larger groups of any size, Just Yell Fire™ is available in a seminar format. The seminar will cover many of the same topics as the three-hour class, but it does not include video training or full-force self-defense practice. Demonstration and discussion of self-defense techniques is included in the seminar, and all participants receive a take home reference piece. Just Yell Fire™ Frequently Asked Questions

Revved Up Kids Self-Defense Workshop for Middle School

Revved Up Kids offers a self-defense workshop for teens in 6th – 8th grade. This workshop is ideal for schools and other large groups who would like to offer training in a condensed format. The workshop can be taught to groups of up to 40 participants at a time, and multiple workshops can be taught in a single day.

Structure of the Revved Up Kids Self-Defense Workshop

The Revved Up Kids Self-Defense Workshop for teens can be taught in a co-ed or single gender format, and content can be tailored to meet the training objectives of your group. The workshop aligns with Georgia Department of Education Standards for Health & Physical Education in grades 6 – 8. The workshop illustrates the dangers posed to children in this age group by predators and helps them understand how to recognize a predator (whether a stranger or someone they know and trust). The workshop is active and engaging, providing a balance of personal safety information and self-defense skills practice.

The Revved Up Kids Self-Defense Workshop can include:

  • Target avoidance – understanding how criminals select their victims
  • Using voice and body with power to deter a threat
  • Everyday awareness skills for personal safety
  • Predators and social media
  • Full force self-defense tactics practice
  • Post class summary for parents/guardians
  • Take home review resource for participants
  • In a girls only format, the workshop can include a discussion of relationship violence and date rape.

Revved Up Kids Self-Defense Workshop Frequently Asked Questions

safetyday1Safety Day for Middle & High School

Revved Up Kids Safety Day can be taught to groups of up to 100 participants, co-ed through 8th grade and girls only through 12th grade. This two-hour event includes intensive self-defense skills practice in a rotational format. Participants are divided into small groups, and they rotate through several training stations where skills are taught and practiced full-force. Participants leave with knowledge that will enable them to recognize and avoid dangerous situations and people, and to injure and escape a much larger, stronger attacker if necessary. Revved Up Kids Safety Day skills rotations include:

  • Understanding risk ~ statistics about teens and violence
  • Everyday awareness/target avoidance techniques
  • Using voice and body language to deter a threat and overcome fear
  • Defensive tactics practice on high, middle and low body targets
  • Choking, bear hug, and ground assaults
  • Improvising weapons, responding to a weapon

Safety Day FAQ

middle school seminarPredator Safety Seminar for Middle School

The Revved Up Kids Predator Safety Seminar for students in 6th – 8th grade focuses on the dangers posed to this age group and provides a foundation for participants to incorporate personal safety into their decision making. As pre-teens and young teens become more independent and have freedom to participate in activities that are not closely chaperoned, the potential for danger increases. Helping children to understand their risks is vital to keeping them safe. The Revved Up Kids Predator Safety Seminar engages participants in a discussion about how predators typically build trust and then use that trust to manipulate teens into abusive relationships. Once teens understand how to identify the red flags that are apparent when a predator is present, they are better equipped to respond in a way that will keep them safe.

This seminar is ideal for large groups like church youth groups or school groups, but it can also be taught in a smaller group setting. The seminar length is approximately 45-60 minutes.