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FAQ ~ General Questions

A: Revved Up Kids brings training classes to private groups at the location of their choosing. We also offer classes for individual participants at several partner locations in different parts of Atlanta. These classes appear on the Class Calendar page of our website. You can also receive e-mail notification about classes as they become available. Simply visit the Class Calendar page and click “Add to Waitlist”
A: Space needed depends upon the size of your group. For groups of up to 20 participants, we require at least 1000 ft. of open indoor training space.
A: Revved Up Kids offers many training formats and tuition varies based upon the format the group size, and the hosting organization. Tuition for public classes is published on the event details page for each event. We are happy to discuss tuition for your private group by phone (678.526.3335) or you can contact us via mail or e-mail.
A: In general, most private homes are not well-suited to this type of training. We are happy to discuss this with our customers on a case-by-case basis, and conduct a site visit to determine whether your group’s proposed training location is suitable.
A: We are available by phone to schedule classes (678.526.3335) or you can contact us via mail or e-mail.
A: Parent/Guardian attendance requirements are determined by the training format of each class. Parents are always welcome to observe our training at no charge.
A: Continuing the safety dialogue is a primary goal, and Revved Up Kids strives to provide parents with resources to achieve that goal. All of our training includes post-class resources, and we publish a free monthly safety resource via email for parents who wish to receive it.
A: Revved Up Kids does offer participation patches. Patches are included in tuition for some training sessions; when they are not, patches can be purchased for $2 each if requested in advance of the training date.

FAQ ~ Revved Up Kids Basic (RUK Basic) Personal Safety & Self-Defense Class for Kids age 6-10

A: The age range for this class is a recommendation only. We developed the age appropriate curriculum for the learning ability of children in 1st – 5th grade. We want all participants to learn from and enjoy the class. If you have a child who is younger or older than the recommended age range, please call us (678.526.3335) before registering.
A: The optimal RUK Basic class will have no more than 16 participants in a group. If your group is larger than 16, we are happy to discuss accommodations. The minimum group size is 12 participants.
A: Revved Up Kids Basic is our most comprehensive training class for elementary age children, we will share a lot of information during the three-hour training session. By participating together, parents and children are better equipped to maintain a strong safety dialogue at home. We also provide a comprehensive safety resource packet to each family who takes the class.
A: The class is a single session, approximately three hours in length.
A: First and foremost, children are taught how to recognize dangerous situations and people. We guide them to an understanding of who predators are and how they operate, and we dispel some of the mistaken beliefs they often have about predators. Children will also learn basic self-defense techniques that can be used if they are ever attacked. This is NOT a martial arts class. The tactics we teach are simple and intuitive, and can cause injury to an attacker to facilitate escape. Participants will not be taught how to subdue a larger, stronger attacker.
A: One segment of the class teaches children basic physical self-defense techniques. Children will be given the opportunity to kick, punch and hit a fully-padded trainer, a training dummy, and training pads. While there are physical demands in performing these techniques, children will not exert themselves anymore than they would in an average physical education class at school.
A: Revved Up Kids takes every precaution to ensure the physical well-being of all class participants. All parents should acknowledge, however, that any physical activity a child engages in carries with it the possibility of bodily injury.
A: Unfortunately, no program can possibly make guarantees about a child’s future safety. We can, however, provide you and your child with appropriate knowledge and skills to behave more safely and guard against becoming a victim.
A: We are available by phone to answer any questions (678.526.3335) or you can contact us via mail or e-mail.

FAQ ~ Personal Safety/Self-Defense Classes for Teen Girls in Atlanta

A: Teen girls experience violence at a higher rate in comparison to the rest of the population. This group faces the highest risk of abduction by strangers, and 1 in 6 girls will be date raped before turning 22. Girls who understand these dangers, who incorporate personal safety into all of their decision making, and who are equipped to defend themselves against an attacker, reduce their chance of becoming a statistic.
A: Revved Up Kids will bring the class to any group of up to 45 girls with a suitable indoor teaching space (1000 square feet of open space for groups of up to 15) with access to electricity.
A: We are available by phone to schedule classes (678.526.3335) or you can contact us via mail or e-mail.
A: Parents are not required to be present for this class, but the training offers valuable information for women of all ages and moms (or dads) are always welcome to observe the class.
A: The class is a single session, just under three hours in length. We also offer a condensed, one-hour, seminar format of the class that is presented in an auditorium setting to larger groups.
A: Just Yell Fire is taught in two formats. Our standard class is suitable for girls in Middle and High School, and our Campus Life class is suitable for girls who are getting ready for college or are attending college. Parents need to discern the maturity level of pre-teens when determining readiness for this training. There will be frank discussions of date rape and drug/alcohol use during the training. If you are a concerned parent, please feel free to call us at 678.526.3335 to discuss your daughter’s readiness for the training.
A: Just Yell Fire™ is not a sex education class. Our discussion will focus on the sometimes compromising situations that girls can find themselves in with dating partners, and how those situations have the potential to escalate to date rape. We remain neutral about the topic of pre-marital sex, but we encourage girls to consider that their actions have consequences, and choosing to be alone and intimate with a teenage boy can possibly put them in danger.
A: It is an unfortunate reality that drug and alcohol use is prevalent among teenagers. Most of the time, when a teen girl is raped by a boyfriend or acquaintance, drug and alcohol use by one or both parties is involved. Our class teaches girls the importance of recognizing the safety risks associated with drug and alcohol use and provides resources that list different drugs, how they look and their effects. We encourage teens to avoid drugs and alcohol and we give them tips to prevent themselves from being drugged without their knowledge.
A: We teach simple, intuitive, street-fighting techniques that will allow a smaller, weaker girl to injure a much larger, stronger attacker and escape the situation. One of the core values of the Just Yell Fire™ curriculum is that girls do not need to be martial arts experts to defend themselves. All of the skills are very easy to remember and execute, and all of the skills can cause an attacker great pain.
A: We are available by phone to answer any questions (678.526.3335) or you can contact us via mail or e-mail.

FAQ ~Revved Up Kids Self-Defense Workshops 

A: Revved Up Kids offers different self-defense workshops for children in Kindergarten through 5th grades, children in 6th – 8th grades, and teen girls.
A: The Revved Up Kids Self-Defense Workshops provide a customizable, condensed teaching format that allows a school to provide training to large groups of students in a timeframe that meets the school’s scheduling needs.
A: The workshop is typically taught as a single session, 45 minutes to 1 hour in length (customized to meet each organization’s needs).
A: We can accommodate groups of up to 60 participants in a session (maximum group size varies by age of participants) and we are able to teach multiple sessions in a single day.
A: We are available by phone to schedule workshops (678.526.3335) or you can contact us via mail or e-mail.
A: The workshop offers a condensed version of the information we teach in our other self-defense classes, with the primary focus being physical self-defense. All of our workshops teach participants how to recognize dangerous people and use their voice and body with power to deter a threat, and each workshop incorporates age-appropriate discussion of personal safety.
A: Revved Up Kids works with each hosting organization to determine the parental attendance requirements for this training.
A: We are available by phone to answer any questions (678.526.3335) or you can contact us via mail or e-mail.

FAQ ~Revved Up Kids Safety Day Workshop

A: Revved Up Kids offers co-ed Safety Day programs for children in elementary and middle school, and we train girls in high school and college.
A: Safety Day can be taught to groups of up to 100 participants in a session. Revved Up Kids is able to teach multiple events on the same day to groups with more than 100 participants.
A: Safety Day is available for small groups.
A: Each Safety Day session is 2 hours in length.
A: We are available by phone to schedule events (678.526.3335) or you can contact us via mail or e-mail.
A: Safety Day is action packed, with six different learning segments, four of the segments involve physical self-defense tactics practice on high, middle and low body targets, and two of the segments include age appropriate personal safety discussion. Small groups participate as a single group during the entire session, large group safety day includes two full-group segments, and breaks participants into smaller practice groups for the self-defense training segments.
A: Revved Up Kids requires that participants be chaperoned during the training, either by a parent or by a designated group leader. Depending upon the hosting group, Revved Up Kids will comply with that group’s supervision requirements.
A: Safety Day pricing will vary depending upon the group size, an average tuition is $20-$30 per participant.
A: Safety Day can be used as a fundraiser for your group. Please call us to discuss (678.526.3335).
A: This event is designed to empower, not frighten, participants. However, it is important that children understand who predators are and how they operate. One of the training segments includes discussion of the lies/lures/manipulations used by predators to trick their victims. If you are concerned and would like to discuss this further, please feel free to call us (678.526.3335).
A: In order to defend against it, teens need to understand that sexual violence/rape is prevalent in their world. Safety Day for middle/high will include frank discussion of this topic, which may make it unsuitable for some pre-teens. We encourage parents and group leaders to consider this when making a decision about Safety Day. For pre-teens who have not been exposed to this information, Safety Day can be a good dialogue starter, allowing group leaders to schedule time for open conversation after the event. If you would like to discuss your individual child or group in advance of registering for Safety Day, please feel free to call us (678.526.3335).
A: We are available by phone to answer any questions (678.526.3335) or you can contact us via mail or e-mail.

FAQ ~Revved Up Kids Seminars for Parents

A: We currently offer three seminars to parent groups, Child Safety Tips for Parents focuses on predators in your child’s everyday world; #SocialSavvy for Parents focuses on internet safety risks for children and teens; Bullying Awareness for Parents focuses on understanding and preventing bullying.
A: Each seminar is approximately 60 – 75 minutes in length, including the question & answer session.
A: For daytime or evening sessions during the week, there is no seminar fee for groups of 15 or more adults. If your group is smaller than 15 or schedules a seminar on a weekend, the seminar fee is $150.
A: These seminars are designed for parents and guardians, but there is beneficial information for any caregiver and we welcome all concerned adults to attend.
A: We are available by phone to schedule seminars (678.526.3335) or you can contact us via mail or e-mail.
A: Summaries of each seminar can be found on our Parent Seminars page on this website.
A: These seminars are designed for adults, and may include frank discussion that could frighten some children. We discourage parents from bringing children to the seminars.
A: We are available by phone to answer any questions (678.526.3335) or you can contact us via mail or e-mail.
Please contact us if you have any additional questions.