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About our Personal Safety and Self-Defense Classes for Children in Atlanta:

If you could put a layer of bubble wrap around your children to protect them from predators, would you? Revved Up Kids has trained thousands of children in the metro-Atlanta area since 2010 to recognize dangerous people, avoid unsafe situations, and escape predators; we are the bubble wrap for Atlanta’s children. It is our belief that the easiest target for a predator is the child who doesn’t know predators exist, and our training teaches kids who predators are, how they operate, and how to respond if they meet a predator. Our training provides parents with a comfortable way to open a dialogue with their children about sexual abuse, and helps children understand the issue in a non-frightening way.

Revved Up Kids programs are available for children, teens, adults and youth-serving organizations. Anyone who cares about children can benefit from our training. Although the content of our personal safety & self-defense classes varies based on the age group we are serving, all of our offerings include the following components:

  • All of our personal safety & self-defense classes can be taught in a single session.
  • All of our personal safety & self-defense classes are mobile. We teach at the time and place of your choosing.
  • All of our personal safety & self-defense classes emphasize empowerment and teach concepts in a non-frightening way.
  • All of our personal safety & self-defense classes teach participants that they are allowed to say no and fight back if they are being attacked.
  • All of our personal safety & self-defense classes equip parents and aid them with this difficult dialogue.
  • All of our personal safety & self-defense classes can be customized to meet your group’s specific training objectives.
  • Parents are always welcome to attend any Revved Up Kids program with their children at no charge.

Please browse our site and learn more about our personal safety and self-defense classes for children in Atlanta. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The REVelation behind Revved Up Kids:

Whenever we meet people and tell them what we do, their first question is typically “how did you get involved with this?” The short answer to that question is a revelation. In spring 2009, God put the framework for Revved Up Kids on Alli’s heart in answer to prayer about rededicating our life. Through His continued presence and guidance, we have now had the opportunity to train thousands of children in the Atlanta area, and we know that we are doing His will. There is a more detailed version of this story and we are happy to share it with any interested individuals or groups.

It is our belief that we are called by God, but Revved Up Kids is not a faith-based or evangelical organization. Violence against our children has nothing to do with faith. Our objective is to help parents with one of their most challenging issues. How do you tell your children that there are people in the world who would kidnap, rape or murder them? The thought of this discussion is daunting to most parents and, unfortunately, it often causes them to stay silent about the issue.

Our goal is to shine a light on the criminals who prey on children, to educate parents about who they are and how they operate, and to make sure that all children know they’re allowed to say no and to defend themselves if they are ever the target of a predator.

Our programs do just that. We teach children, teens, parents, and organizations who serve children. We provide a spectrum of different training options. We work with private groups and organizations throughout Metro-Atlanta and surrounding areas. Please browse our site for an overview of our programs, then contact us to talk about your specific needs.

Be Smart, Be Strong & Be Safe,
Alli & David Neal, Co-Founders, Revved Up Kids